The Best Laid Plans…

As they say the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray…

Which I guess is the name of the game with Triathlon.  No matter how well you plan something, always expect the unexpected, in other words, just because you think you’ve done all you can….something can still get messed up (always have a Plan B).

My Off Season “Plan A” has been derailed…after initially feeling run down in early October resulting in a DNS for Race for the Cure 5K and then getting a lingering nasty “coughing fit” type cough and a DNS for The Stride 10K, I was after 3 visits to 3 separate Doctor’s finally diagnosed with Pertussis (a/k/a Whooping Cough).  Who knew that many states in the US are having an outbreak!  In China they call it the 100 day cough cuz the damn thing seems like it lasts FOREVER but more acurately almost 1/3 of a year!  Turns out my friend and coach @CoachCary has it too, actually she’s the one that gave it to me!   At least I have someone to commiserate with!

The antibiotics and steroid inhaler have alleviated many of the symptoms and I’m no longer quarantined or considered Typhoid Mary.

But…I was told by my Doctor (the guy that actually determine that I have Pertussis and who is also a triathlete) that I need to scale back my training–as in Zone 1 and Zone 2 work only or risk a set back, relapse or complications.  Meaning, no threshold runs, VO2 swim sprints or the like.  None of those training programs that hurt like hell but produce the much sought after endorphin rush.  NOPE! None of that for me!  Makes me want to pout, cry, stomp my feet and have a little pity party.  I can literally feel my muscle tone melting and fitness draining away.  What’s worse is that I was also told NO RACING for another 2-3 months….AARGH!

OK, enough already!  Plan B must proceed.  Meaning that my focus for the next number of weeks will shift to:

  • *  Strength and flexibility
  • *  Zone 1 and 2 endurance work in the three sports
  • *  Swim technique

Time to get off my butt and get busy…the pity party is over!!