She’s BACK!

Guess what?!!  Pertussis is in the rearview mirror…good bye dreaded coughing fits, weakness and lethargy.  I’m  BAAAaaaaCK!  Yes, I AM BACK!  Back to feeling like myself, back to training, back to thinking about triathlon,  back to looking at races, back to planning my calendar for next year, back to looking at the results and paces of other athletes, back to buying gear, back to talking incessentently about Triathlon, back to reading the latest articles, back to being ME!

Here’s proof…over the last week, I’ve:

Ordered custom Infinit nutrition during Cyber Monday at 50% off! 

Registered for Boulder Tri Series 

Registered for USAT National Team Challenge

Began swim technique training at SwimLabs

Registered for Crescent Moon Sprint

Registered as a volunteer for IM Tahoe

Purchased  EPC Team Adrenalin kit

WooHoo!  WOW!  It is SO good to be BACK!