Broken Phalange

Yep a toe break.  Did it happen in some dramatic training event?  Nope!  No amazing story here other than just my general klutziness.  In short, I jammed my 2nd to smallest toe HARD into a piece of furniture.  After picking myself up off the floor, I sought out the trusty frozen kernel corn immediately for icing.  But to no avail.  My trusty foot Doctor confirmed via x-ray that my toe is broken and I cannot run for two weeks from the break.  I can then only run in a moderate fashion–meaning no distance AND no speed.  Shortly after I resume running, I must have another set of x-rays to ensure that I’m not dislodging the mend.  The question I have is:  What does this do to my quest for podium at Outdoor Divas (I know that was likely a pipe dream anyway)?!  What does this do to my first Long Course triathlon?!

Speaking with @CoachCary to set up a plan.  Plan A as well as a Plan B!


One response to “Broken Phalange

  1. Nooooo! I’m terribly sorry! You have such a fighting spirit. Take this time to really rest your body. Poor girl!

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