T1 – Training

Transitions, now that’s an interesting thing to contemplate and practice.  Transitions or as otherwise known T1, which is your transition from swim to biking and T2 which is from biking to running, count toward your overall event time and so your goal is to minimize your transition times as much as possible.  The question is how to practice those unless you’ve been through a TRI before?  Well, nutty competitive folks like me might actually put out their transition towel which is intended to hold all the gadgets and gear you need for the second and third leg of your TRI. Namely, stuff like: bike helmet, bike shoes, socks, running shoes, sun glasses etc…on their bathroom floor, jump into the shower with their TRI suit on and once soaking wet jump out of the shower and attempt to race through as quickly as possible (while water is pouring onto your bathroom floor) your T1 process.  Yep, crazy but true.  Did it help my T1 time?  I’m not sure, but in my head I’d at least been through the routine before.


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